Lisbon Off The Beaten Track - deep in the heart of the old city(Private Walking Tour)

A walking tour designed to introduce the Portuguese capital to visitors looking for a fresh approach, somewhere between tradition, street vibes and contemporary culture. From Alfama to the Docklands you'll get to know the main attractions, but also the Portuguese capital off the beaten track. First we wander around a string of amazing hilltop terraces over the city and the river, before we dive into the picturesque neighborhoods of the Castle hill, following as guidelines the meandering Moorish Walls. We visit monuments like the Roman Theater, The Sé Cathedral and St. Anthony Church but also quiet backstreets, remote courtyards and puzzling alleyways. Next we get to the monumental riverside and explore Renaissance Palaces, late Gothic Churches and the neoclassical Commercial Square, open to the Ocean and the World. Art and architecture, history and city trends will certainly be on top of the menu in this walk made to measure every Lisbon lover. More info.


Lisbon All Saints Tour: on Faith, Devotion and Miracles (Private Walking Tour)

Lisbon rejected St Crispim, the first patron saint appointed by the Church, and chose instead St. Vincent, a legendary hispanic saint that later became almost forgotten. Then came Saint Anthony, very popular more or less reinvented by the citizens of the Portuguese capital. Even today (almost) nobody can really tell who is the genuine patron of Lisbon, but the mystic of the saints keeps on feeding the culture and the spirituality of the city. That’s why we propose an itinerary of visions and passions that meander through the ancient districts of Alfama, Mouraria and Graça, swinging between key historical events and incredible legends. 
This Lisbon blessed by the Saints is the ultimate alternative program to discover the Portuguese capital, exploring churches, sanctuaries and urban corners touched by the perfume of transcendence, but also visiting a couple of special pagan 'chapels' like cake shops and art galleries. More info.


Alfama - the kaleidoscopic district (Private Walking Tour)

Alfama is where it all began - the oldest and the most picturesque neighborhood in Lisbon. We’re talking about a district which was constantly built up, fell to ruins and rebuilt again, without a plan or a real sense of order through more than two thousand years of history. We propose a whimsical itinerary of amazing discoveries, including a restaurant crossed by a Roman wall, public bathrooms with Renaissance buildings inside, the most elegant Portuguese royal palace converted into a dark prison and luxury tiles that nobody can tell (not even thieves) if they are copies or precious originals. And does anyone still lives in this open air museum? More info.


Mouraria - the multicultural heart of Lisbon (Private Walking Tour)

The Moorish district is one of the most obscure and fascinating parts of Lisbon. For long vilified as a ghetto for outcasts, Mouraria has more recently become a multicultural and bustling enclave, a neighborhood with a feeling like no other in the portuguese capital. At the same time it has been subjected to radical urban renewal, part still in the making, part still under public scrutiny. The tour we promote takes you into this amazing plot of narrow streets, alleys and romantic dwellings. It is a constant meandering between the splendor of ancient palaces and the poetry of abandonment, between memories of ‘fado’ and the latest street art, between the picturesque of the old inhabitants and the incredible mishmash of newcomers. More info.


lisbon imperial district - Past Glories and Present glitter (Private Walking Tour)


This strip of land by the river was once the headquarter of the Portuguese Maritime Empire, the place where everything happened, from royal processions with exotic animals to public executions by the Inquisition. The great 1755 earthquake was especially pernicious in this part of town, but the square was quickly rebuilt in high style.  Now it’s the main focus of an ambitious and sometimes controversial scheme of urban renewal. We propose a pleasant walk by the riverside confronting the natural disaster of 1755 with current setups. At the end we’ll discuss one of the main questions in Lisbon at the moment: is this historical square still a place of memory or nothing more than an elegant playground by the river? More info.


Lisbon Trendy Downtown - From Romantic Chic to Postmodern Glamour

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Sooner or later while visiting Lisbon you’ll end up strolling in the Baixa and Chiado area, the vibrant Downtown of the Portuguese capital. For more than two centuries that’s where everything has happened including political conspiracies, religious processions, intellectual get-togethers and outrageous art performances. After a ravaging fire 30 years ago, Baixa and Chiado experienced a striking renaissance and are now again a lively and cosmopolitan area - the area with the greater concentration of fancy shops, innovative coffee shops and cool restaurants. Through this comprehensive walking tour you’ll explore some of the most original and exclusive addresses in Lisbon, while you get acquainted with amazing and insightful stories of this unique urban niche.  More info.



A walk by Lisbon riverside, the strip of land where the city grew towards the sea, from the shipyards of Ribeira das Naus to the Alcântara and Rocha do Conde de Óbidos maritime stations, including the filthy Bôa-Vista beach and the elegant 24 de Julho high street. A stroll full of cross references, between the fortune of the Discoveries and the sadness of refugees from the Colonial War, but also between the paradoxical development of the industrial city in the late 19th century and the big housing and leisure plans born under the 25th of April Bridge at the start of the 21th century. More info.



Belém district or the dictatorship as a tourist attraction (Private Walking Tour)

Belém is the beach from where departed the ships of the Portuguese discoveries, where King Manuel ordered the construction of the majestic Jeronimos Monastery and also where the President has its official residence since the advent of the Republic. But what turned Belém into the most majestic and tourist district of Lisbon was the Portuguese World Exhibition in1940, a rare peak of celebration during four severe decades of Salazar in power. In this tour we will rewind the amazing festive event of the dictatorship during the Second World War, while we admire what was left for posterity, including the Square of the Empire, the Monument of the Discoveries and the the exotic "Portuguese House for the Colonies". More info.


Cascais: glamour, luxury and decay by the Lisbon coastline (PRIVATE WALKING TOUR)

Cascais is famous for its gorgeous seaside, but also for the grand hotels, rich palaces and splendid chalets that grew around it. A good deal of these architectural gems are over a century or even older, some have already been graded as national monuments. Most have been restored or refurbished, a few are still waiting for a much needed lifting. Every now and then one of them reappear for sale, usually for astronomical prices. Anyway the true landmarks of the Cascais area are these vintage summer havens that certified its strip of coastline as the first Portuguese trendy resort. Equally or even more stylish today as in the good old days, true is Cascais also faces new challenges and even dubious twists. Hence a pleasant but also insightful walk by the Portuguese Riviera, always swinging between nostalgia, envy and critical questioning. . More info.

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